Beach Daisies

Beach Daisies in Tahiti

Beach Daisies in Tahiti

A while back I got tired of battling with my front yard….lots of oak trees makes lovely shade and shelter but no grass. I tried seed and sod but nothing wanted to grow. I was going to try “just one more thing” until I saw these pretty flowers growing in places nothing else wanted to grow. Luckily I was able to procure 5 sprigs of the little darlings and planted them in my yard. They have been growing there ever since. They need little care and are hardy enough to tolerate our winter freezes. They like the sunny part of the yard but are slowly making their way across to the shady side. They turned out to be wonderful ground cover that just needed a place to grow.

A couple of months ago the hubby and I ccelebrated  our anniversary in Tahiti. Beautiful. One thing we did was take a mountain excursion. The mountains are lush and green with flowers everywhere…..and my precious little beach daisies were there, too, growing along the side of the roads.

I think back to when I first planted the daisies. Someone told me I sho pull them up because they would grow everywhere. I am so glad I did listen. I sometimes feel like the daisies….I just needed a place to grow and flourish.

Post by Eileen Patterson….who is GoofingOff.