New Costume Patterns at GoofingOff Sewing

McCall’s 7218 Yaya Han’s Original Peacock Costume

Make believe….for me make believe conjures up images of capes and masks, swords were really sticks, bicycles magically became horses. My crinolined dress made me a ballerina if I twirled fast enough. A costume took make believe to a whole new level…I really was a princess or a fairy when I wore the costume. It was magic.

McCall’s 4887 Girls Fairy Costumes UNCUT These aren’t just cute, they come with wings, too. Totally practical.
McCall’s 7212 Girls’ Princess and Fairy Costumes UNCUT
McCall’s 7211 Dog Costumes…Frozen UNCUT  
Imagining Miss Boxer singing Let It Go…
McCall’s 7213 Girls’ Sleeping Beauty Costume UNCUT
McCall’s 7214 Kid’s Ninja Turtles and Minion Costumes  UNCUT
McCall’s 7216 Southern Gentleman’s costume pattern UNCUT
McCall’s 4139 Capes UNCUT

The Annual GoofingOff Costume Sewing Pattern Sale starts September 1. I’m getting excited already.

Post by Eileen Patterson…..who is GoofingOff.
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