Pluto: Am I the Only One Obsessed?

Star Gazer Fabric in Half Yard or fat quarter lengths

The scientific world is buzzing lately with the pictures of Pluto coming back to earth. I love looking at them. I am so amazed at the thought that we have real pictures of this planet (ok, dwarf planet) coming back to earth. Ice mountain ranges, a moon with craters, and nitrogen (maybe water?) on this frozen planet!!! So cool. 

A patient called me into his room when the photos were first broadcast. He was as excited as I was. He went on to tell me how JFK spoke about putting men on the moon and space exploration and how lucky he was to be alive to see it. Well, I guess that’s how I feel.

 I doubt if I will be the nurse in the first Mars colony but maybe it will be someone I helped train or influence. Never know….Why not? The movie Avatar starts off in a VA hospital….yes, a very futuristic VA hospital….there will always be a need for nurses..even on Mars.

Or maybe I might get a pattern order from the colony…. Wonder what the shipping charges would be? How would they cut the fabric? Pattern weights probably wouldn’t work (low gravity) Or maybe they would…(more gravity). Lots to think about. 

Post by Eileen Patterson…..who is GoofingOff….and stargazing.