New Fabric Listings in GoofingOff Sewing

I do a little sewing, usually a pillowcase or two for do-good work. Making something for little girls comes pretty easy to me….something pink, a little bit of lace, and a ribbon or bow (or two…or both) and Voila! perfect for girls. Boys, on the other hand….hmmm….that’s a bit of a stretch for me coming from a family of 4 girls and having a daughter…an estrogen-enriched atmosphere if there ever was one.  So I did a little looking around and found some fabric suitable for everybody.

Moon Owls 100% Cotton fabric. By the Half Yard. Owl circles are 2 3/4 inches across. These little owls are so cute!



Halloween Stache Fabric 100% Cotton by the Half Yard When I found this fabric I couldn’t stop laughing. Vibrant colors, nice weight. 


Race Cars fabric by the half yard Vroom, vroom!





Alexander Henry Fabric Route 66 By the Half Yard Get your kicks….. This is really nice fabric. Good for pillowcases, passport holders, journal covers….


Alexander Henry Aloha Girls by the 1/2 yard  Beautiful fabric.

So there’s a few ideas to work with. Make magic happen.

Post by Eileen Patterson….who is GoofingOff!