Mid-Week Rummage: Accent on Daintiness


Happy Wednesday.

My good friend, Nan, finished counting and checking about 100 patterns….which means I HAVE LOTS OF WORK TO DO! However, a gal has to take a coffee break sometime, so I did, and while I sipping my dose of caffeine (medicinal purpose…clears the cobwebs from the brain) I traveled back to 1939 through the pages of Ladies’ Home Journal.

I love to look at old magazines and newspapers. I heard someone say photography is like time travel…..well, I guess that is what I do. Today I traveled back to December, 1939, when Europe was at war but the U.S. wasn’t….yet.  English mothers were worried about their children surviving bombing raids, dresses were still long, and the photo gallery for 1940 shows legends like President and Mrs. Roosevelt. Among the pages was this advertisement for Hollywood Patterns by Charlotte Johnson.

Hollywood Patterns, Accent on Daintiness, 1939

“Accent on Daintiness” show several patterns for nightgowns, negligees, slips (fitted bodice and brassiere!), and robes. I love the hair styles and the Fred and Ginger fashions. Be still my heart! Maybe I can find some music, like Glen Miller or Benny Goodman to play so I can stay a little longer.

Coffee break is over. Back to 2015. Got to quit goofing off. Wait…I am GoofingOff! lol

Post by Eileen …..who is GoofingOff

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