Where the Magic Happens

“So, this is where the magic happens” my friend said when she came to my house….only I don’t feel like a magician. My name is Eileen and I color outside of the lines, or want to more than I do. I live and work very conservatively that I feel like I blend into the woodwork. Disappear until no one knows I am here. The ultimate legal beagle that never breaks the rules because I did long ago and didn’t like the consequences.

Why I blog

Recently I was asked why I blog. I blog to be heard. To announce “Here I am” to people around the world because I feel foolish speaking above a whisper to those I meet or know especially if the group is larger than two.

I blog to connect with people who love to sew, who love to create, who love to read, who love vintage, people like me, and maybe they might find something I found that they love.

Goofing Off Sewing Supplies

I opened a shop on Etsy, GoofingOff Sewing, after finding a bag of vintage, 1960’s sewing patterns at a yard sale. I looked over each pattern, amazed at the condition, surprised they were complete, and ready to become fabulous clothing. I thought about the first time I sewed, how magical it seemed as the fabric took shape and became a dress, and how I wanted to wear it forever. I knew then I wanted to share that magical feeling with others and could do so by supplying the materials.  The world of sewing pattern sellers is crowded, though, so I blog to set myself apart, to show off my items, to give ideas to customers so they can feel the magic, too.

Coat made by a customer using 1960's Simplicity 4738

Coat made by a customer using 1960’s Simplicity 4738. The pattern was from that first bag I found at the yard sale. I am so proud she sent me a picture of the coat. It is marvelous.

My Goal

I have been blogging for a few years but still have yet to develop a following. I am awed by writers who have huge followings and dozens of comments. I feel honored just to have people read what I have written, honored they took the time, their precious time, to read my thoughts or ideas. My goal is to build my audience by producing relevant posts that crafty folks, sewers and needle artists, can use to bring their ideas to life.