Lacy Top Cranberry Pie Recipe


Last Thanksgiving my granddaughter was in charge of making apple pie for the family feast. She loves to bake and has several recipes….at home. Unfortunately she left the recipe for crust back home along with her other recipes. I have the recipe, and several cookbooks at my home but we were at my daughter’s place….and she doesn’t love to cook so no cookbooks for pie crust. After searching she found one that was soupy (what was that about?) but we were able to save it with a bit of flour…OK, a lot of flour. Yay, Grandma saved the pie… Super Grandma…I need a cape.


Anyway, this recipe is really a cranberry-apple pie with lattice topping. The recipe was featured in a Spry Shortening ad from 1939.  The filling looks good and the crust recipe is traditional. Just a little insurance for this year’s pie. 

Post by Eileen of GoofingOff Sewing Supplies.