Suicide – Consoling the Bereaved

The thought of losing someone to suicide is incredibly painful. Suicide is a horrible burden to bear. Our veterans, those who fight for our freedom, have a suicide rate that is higher than the civilian population. As a VA nurse I am aware of the difficulties they face and try to identify those at risk.
The poem at the end of this post is very good advice when consoling someone who has loss. The pain is unbelievable; just listening is comforting.

Spilt Milk

Suicide PreventionMy heart sank today when learned a local family had lost their young son to suicide.  I cannot explain the empty hole in the pit of my stomach which opens when I hear anyone has died by suicide. When I know there is a family experiencing this my soul twists in pain.   Almost 15 years ago my 16 year old son died by suicide. Just a few years previous to that my best friend took her life.

We all react differently to trauma in our lives but for me the reaction has been fighting with everything I have to make sure there are no parent, siblings, and friends who have to bury someone they love who has died at their own hand.  For almost 20 years I have devoted much of my time to learning about suicide prevention, teaching it and working with groups of people who are bereaved by…

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