Nothing has caused me more angst (well, nothing in recent memory) than writing something about me but here goes.
I am…..a nurse….since forever, a mom, and a grandma.
I sew, I write, and I sell sewing patterns and sewing supplies.

I live on coffee…Black coffee…lots of black coffee.

Thoughts about being a nurse: I wanted to be a nurse when I was little. Life’s dream. Really. Be a nurse and take care of soldiers and sailors. I am living my dream. I care for people going through the most difficult times of their lives. If I have to work hard, clean them, or comfort them, that’s OK. I get to go home at the end of the shift. Hopefully my patient will get to go home, too.
I live in scrubs. I own other clothes but rarely wear them. Never get to wear them twice before they are out of fashion.

Thoughts about being a mom and a grandma: Wonderful with a dash of hair pulling and a smidge of heartache.

Thoughts about sewing: Wish I had more time to sew. Love that, too.