Raggedy Ann and Andy Nursery Art

Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy Wall Hangings

Made in the USA in the 1970’s

Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy, just their names gives one a warm feeling inside. These pictures show Ann in a bright yellow jumper and her trademark gingham in the garden reaching for a watering can. Andy, wearing bib overalls, a gingham shirt, and blue cap  is hard at work hoeing the garden with his bluebird friends at his side.  The pictures are mounted on particle wood boards. Both boards measure 20 inches long by 16 inches wide. Big enough to be seen. There are original holes in the back of each making them easy to hang in the nursery. 

Raggedy Ann is a character created by Johnny Gruelle in a series of books from the early 1900’s he wrote and illustrated. Raggedy Andy was introduced in 1920. 

The Raggedy Ann and Andy pictures are for sale: $45 USD

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Lavender and Lace Cross Stitch

Lavender and Lace. Just the three words bring to mind elegantly dressed ladies, plush upholstered furniture, and high tea….love my tea. Well, Lavender and Lace also refers to beautiful cross stitch patterns designed by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum.

Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum was an American cross stitch designer known for her Victorian angel designs. Her designs are beautiful. She published the designs under the business name “Told in a Garden”.

Two completed works hang on the wall at the Suwannee Valley Cross Stitch shop where I play, er, stitch. Truly a feast for the eyes.

Well, as luck would have it, I had the good fortune to acquire several of the Lavender & Lace and Butternut Road patterns, or charts. Here’s what is new to the PatternHaus shop.




Post by Eileen Patterson


Quilt Show Goodies To Sell

Certain responsibilities come with becoming a member of a quilting guild. For example, dues, selling quilt raffle tickets, community service projects, and making things to sell at the next quilt show. Trenton, Florida is the home of a pretty big quilt show that takes place every year during March. Many of the guilds in north central Florida show their work at the show and the Springhouse Quilters are no exception. Everyone makes something to sell according to their skill level. Some of these ladies are incredible quilt artists and have come up with great items that have a “handmade, not homemade” look. I am not nearly as good at the sewing machine as they are but I do like to stitch so I came up with something else…..embroidered felt art. Here’s my birds:

The big bird is a needle book, embroidery floss on red felt. The little guy is a thimble holder…and yes, there’ll be  a thimble in it..but there isn’t one in this picture.

Cute little guys.

Hope they fly their way into someone’s heart.


Three Needle Art Kits to Satisfy the Needle Artist

I love to keep busy, not crazy busy, but busy, as in Something-to-do. I like to crochet, needlepoint, sew, whatever it takes to keep me out of trouble and make something beautiful. I have lots of ideas in my head but the process of getting the idea into reality is sometimes a long, difficult path so a kit is just right. Not quite my design but close and it’s good to have someone else pick out the yarn.

Recently I found three awesome kits for crewel and needlepoint. All three have been in someone’s stash waiting for the right person to give them life.


Columbia-Minerva Crewel Embroidery Kit “Pansies” Designed by Erica Wilson                                                                      

Pansies have a vintage, elegant look. Good to make into a pillow or picture.

Boucle Plastic Canvas Ornament kit

Boucle Plastic Canvas Ornament kit

The ornaments are worked on plastic canvas. The colors are retro 80’s. Great for tree ornaments, gift tags, or make them into bookmarks.

The Clown would look great in a nursery or child’s room…..or good for a clown collector.

The kits are in the PatternHaus shop. There are other kits there as well and patterns for embroidery and cross stitch.

Well, that’s all for now. Putting lots of “new” patterns in the GoofingOff Sewing shop so make sure to take a look. The Costume Sewing Pattern Sale is still going on. Lots of patterns are gone but there are still a lot of great ones left.

And stop by the Miss Eileen Vintage shop for amazing vintage clothes, hand bags, and collectibles.

Post by Eileen of GoofingOff Sewing….Make magic with every stitch.

Famous People: Do We Adore Because They Are Famous?

Today I saw a post by We Are That Couple with the most intriguing title:

Pop Culture: Adoring the Famous Because They are Famous?

The post went on to tell about the writer’s trip to an Andy Warhol exhibit. Interesting, yes, but I was left thinking about the title and with this thought:

Are the famous loved because they are famous or are they famous because they are loved? Sort of a what came first, the chicken or the egg kind of thing. Still, are we, as a society, excited to see Kim Kardashian for example, because of her notoriety and fame or because she is a talented human being? Do we admire because of the herd mentality (everyone else does so it must be good) or because we truly think highly of them?

I remember someone once telling me that she had seen Robert De Niro. How cool! I would love to meet him, I said. Her answer, “Why? Because he is famous?” stopped me dead in my tracks. Was I like that? Did I think it would be cool to rub elbows, so to speak, just because he was famous or because I truly admire his work (The Godfather and Raging Bull). Am I a Lucy, crazy to meet any and all famous stars because they were stars?

I am not above the getting caught in the tide. I am thrilled when I have the chance to meet someone famous but honestly, I am much more excited if I admire the person or have been a long-time fan.

I almost feel a little sorry for the famous. Will they ever know if someone is genuine? Will they ever know if someone cares about them if they weren’t famous? Will they succumb to loneliness and despair, in an alcoholic haze, or drug-induced fog when the fame is gone?

Post by Eileen of GoofingOff Sewing… who is just thinking.

The New Tagline for GoofingOff Sewing

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 11.50.52 AM

“Play Ball” by Dan Patterson. Wrought iron

So this is Day(I am a day late but not a dollar short) and trying to do the 2nd assignment

 try making changes to blog title and tagline to properly capture identity of self and blog. 

Seldom has anything caused me such angst as this. Change my name? GoofingOff? But GoofingOff is me, so me. I am goofing off whenever I am on the computer (not even playing games), sewing, cooking. Anything that is non-nursing is goofing off. I am able to try new things, challenge myself, make mistakes, do-overs when necessary, or nothing if I so desire…. so changing my name is not an option. GoofingOff Sewing is all that; challenging one’s self to try new ideas, new plans, new projects, frog when necessary and do it over (or donate it to charity….that works, too) so no name change, but a new tagline…..that’s something else entirely.

I’ve tried to come up with new tags before….cute, catchy phrases like those ad folks on Madison Avenue do. For instance:

#sewitup….#sewsomething…..#sewon (as in Keep Calm and Sew on…I

kind of like it in that context) and my tried and true “GoofingOff…It’s what I do best” (which unfortunately says nothing about crafting or sewing. Sounds more like I am hanging out on the beach with a margarita in my hand).

Recently a friend came over and said “So this is where the magic begins.” i took a second look at my surroundings…my humble abode with art glass in different shapes and colors in the windows, handmade art (my hubby made awesome wrought iron art…I am so proud) and photography on my walls, wire sculptures on the mantle and hanging everywhere, quilts on the beds, and I saw the magic she saw (I also saw a dirty floor but we are not discussing my housekeeping skills at this moment)…..which leads me to my new tagline.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 11.50.25 AM

“Triangle” by Dan Patterson. Wrought iron. I love geometric shapes. Bold and simple.

Drumroll, please,

“Make magic one stitch at a time”

I’m not making the magic…..GoofingOff Sewing exists to help others make magic.

How cool is that?

So, what do y’all think of the new tagline? Magical?

post by Eileen of GoofingOff Sewing….helping others Make Magic One Stitch At a Time.

Royal Society Floss Embroidery Linen

Recently I came upon some lovely stamped linen for embroidery by  Royal Society Floss like this beauty.


Royal Society Floss Stamped Embroidery, Roses, Roses, No.500

 The stamp is still clear despite the fact the linens are from the 1940’s or 1950’s. 

So, it got me thinking about the company, Royal Society….


 According to “The Dawn of DIY: When It Was Hip to Stitch” by Ben Marks “(the) Nonotuck Silk Co. of Northampton, Massachusetts, promoted a thread brand called Corticelli, to give the easily replicated commodity a romantic, Italian sensibility. Verran sold its thread and embroidery kits under the wealthy sounding Royal Society brand, even though its cotton thread and rayon floss, Euler writes, were less expensive than the silk floss sold by its competitors. As a point of reference, a typical Richardson Silk Company pattern, without the floss, cost 15 cents; selling thread was business of a lot of nickels and dimes, so differentiating your product in a marketplace where brand loyalty was largely absent was especially important.”


He was right; the name Royal Society Floss does sound pretty fancy but honestly, the linens have a good feel to them and the designs are beautiful. 


You can find embroidery linens in my other shop, Patternhaus. There are knitting needles, embroidery, crochet, and knitting patterns, and yarn available for purchase as well. Oh, and some of the patterns are available for immediate download so you can save on shipping costs. 

As a special to blog readers the coupon code BLOGGIN for 15% off is valid in Patternhaus, too. 

Make magic one stitch at a time. 

Post by Eileen of GoofingOff Sewing