What’s in a (Nick) Name

Mopsy Comic 1947

What is a name? A name is something bestowed upon a person by loving parents with hopes, dreams, and aspirations. I wonder sometimes by some of the names I’ve heard. A nickname, however, is all together different. That’s the name that comes from family and friends (sometimes not so good friends) that tells more about a person than their real, on-the-birth-certificate name. The hubby’s family has a Twinkie (he used to eat a lot of Twinkies), a Stink (stinky diapers, not a name I would treasure), and JayBird (from fishing in the summer naked as a jaybird…a little bit of the exhibitionist).

As for me, I went for years without a nickname. Nothing. The closest I got to having one was Leenie. Really? I didn’t like it. Not one bit. After all, my sisters had nicknames but not me. Feeling unloved and slighted (I am so sensitive) I went to my father about it. After all, I thought he could fix anything. 

“Dad, why don’t I have a nickname?”

“You do. It’s Leenie.”

“That’s not a good nickname!”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“I don’t like it. It sounds dumb.”

“I’ll think about it.”

And he did. Soon I was given the nickname Mopsy and I was proud. I finally had a nickname. Proud until the day I asked him where Mopsy came from. 

“A comic strip.”

“A comic strip? Like Brenda Starr, Star Reporter ….gorgeous redhead with stars in her eyes?”

“No, like Mopsy, the secretary in the comic strip.” 

“Because of her curly black hair?”

“No, because she is scatter-brained like you.”

Be careful what you wish for. 

Besides, I am not scatter-brained. I am easily distracted. 

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