Famous People: Do We Adore Because They Are Famous?

Today I saw a post by We Are That Couple with the most intriguing title:

Pop Culture: Adoring the Famous Because They areĀ Famous?

The post went on to tell about the writer’s trip to an Andy Warhol exhibit. Interesting, yes, but I was left thinking about the title and with this thought:

Are the famous loved because they are famous or are they famous because they are loved? Sort of a what came first, the chicken or the egg kind of thing. Still, are we, as a society, excited to see Kim Kardashian for example, because of her notoriety and fame or because she is a talented human being? Do we admire because of the herd mentality (everyone else does so it must be good) or because we truly think highly of them?

I remember someone once telling me that she had seen Robert De Niro. How cool! I would love to meet him, I said. Her answer, “Why? Because he is famous?” stopped me dead in my tracks. Was I like that? Did I think it would be cool to rub elbows, so to speak, just because he was famous or because I truly admire his work (The Godfather and Raging Bull). Am I a Lucy, crazy to meet any and all famous stars because they were stars?

I am not above the getting caught in the tide. I am thrilled when I have the chance to meet someone famous but honestly, I am much more excited if I admire the person or have been a long-time fan.

I almost feel a little sorry for the famous. Will they ever know if someone is genuine? Will they ever know if someone cares about them if they weren’t famous? Will they succumb to loneliness and despair, in an alcoholic haze, or drug-induced fog when the fameĀ is gone?

Post by Eileen of GoofingOff Sewing… who is just thinking.