Cutting Knit Fabric


Good Morning! Eileen here from GoofingOff Sewing with something to share.

Everyone has a challenging moment when it come to sewing and, for many, cutting knit fabric is one. Here is a good tutorial from Tilly and the Buttons to use.

In the tutorial a rotary cutter is used. Someone commented that she has a problem using her cutter and wasn’t sure if it was due to a dull blade. Unfortunately, rotary blades dull quickly (or at least it seems quick). On a personal level, I struggled with my cutter until I treated myself to a new blade. What a difference a $6 purchase makes……Just a thought.

Another thing she recommends is pre-washing the fabric. Please, pre-wash your fabric if it is washable (you folks who work with silks, rayon, and other fabric that hate water might want to ignore this). Some fabric shrink and “act up” when washed so pre-washing will be one less aggravation when you have your finished product….as in puckering where you didn’t plan to pucker.

So, check the tutorial. It is worth a look-see. Happy sewing!

Vintage Pattern Listings at Goofing Off Sewing

With the weather as crazy as it’s been, it is hard to believe it is still February and should be cold….as in winter snow and ice cold. I realize I live in the southern US but we do have a winter, albeit a short one. This year  is shorter than usual, though, so I thought it would be a good idea to list some spring and summer patterns. If it’s still cold in your part of the world you’ll have time to get ready for summer wear.

This is such a light, easy to wear dress. Great for around the house or a take-along.

Ok, not quite spring like but I love this look! The jacket is gorgeous and I’m sure not every spring evening will be warm.

This is the kind of jacket quilters love! The pattern even includes instructions to make a Courthouse Steps block.


Pigs in three sizes, 12 inches, 9 inches, and 6 inches. Make the little squealers in calico or whatever color suits your fancy.

Two sizes of lambs, 5 inches and 7 inches tall, a lamb and heart wreath and tiny hanging lamb. Lots of possibilities with this pattern.


A bit more realistic looking than the last lamb and bigger, too. Great Easter or Passover gift for the little ones.


I love crazy quilting and there are others like me. So much to add….embellish to your heart’s content! This pattern is multi sized and uncut.

Well, that’s it for GoofingOff Sewing for the moment. Lots of ideas for spring sewing. Remember, Easter and Passover are coming soon…..Easter is April 16 and Passover starts April 10. I’ll be having a sale, too. Further details coming.

Plus Size Listings in GoofingOff Sewing

Today I am listing “new” plus size patterns in the GoofingOff Sewing shop. I feel like I hit the mother lode and you will, too.

Each of the patterns have a timeless, classic look.

Happy Sewing!


New Clothes for Baby Dolls

Doll lovers rejoice! I am listing new, uncut patterns in the  GoofingOff Sewing shop for doll clothes. The patterns are for 18″ dolls (read that as AMERICAN GIRL dolls). Here’s a peek:



The clothes are so cute and ready to take a little girl’s imagination where ever she wants to go.


Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek.

Got to get back to stitching. See ya’ soon!

Quilt Show Goodies To Sell

Certain responsibilities come with becoming a member of a quilting guild. For example, dues, selling quilt raffle tickets, community service projects, and making things to sell at the next quilt show. Trenton, Florida is the home of a pretty big quilt show that takes place every year during March. Many of the guilds in north central Florida show their work at the show and the Springhouse Quilters are no exception. Everyone makes something to sell according to their skill level. Some of these ladies are incredible quilt artists and have come up with great items that have a “handmade, not homemade” look. I am not nearly as good at the sewing machine as they are but I do like to stitch so I came up with something else…..embroidered felt art. Here’s my birds:

The big bird is a needle book, embroidery floss on red felt. The little guy is a thimble holder…and yes, there’ll be  a thimble in it..but there isn’t one in this picture.

Cute little guys.

Hope they fly their way into someone’s heart.


Napkins to Embroider

I love a good embroidery kit especially crewel. It’s like a class where I can learn or practice a few stitches….and at times, a challenge. Still, despite my love of an everything-in-one-bag kit I enjoy having a blank canvas to express myself. With that in mind I listed blank napkins to embroider.


These lovely napkins are 16 inches by 16 inches, enough to cover one’s lap sufficiently. They are 100% cotton and machine hemmed. They are sold in sets of 2 for $4. There are 6 sets available.



New Listings at Goofing Off Sewing: Happy Veteran’s Day!

A happy Veteran’s Day to all. Regardless of what war we are involved in and the latest foreign policy, these men and women put their lives on the line to defend our way of life. Remember, thank a veteran.

Well, how is your week going? Mine has been challenging, to say the very least. Last weekend I was going to have a yard sale and thought I would bake some brownies to sell at the sale….until I found out my oven didn’t work. I tried to iron my scrubs for work and the iron caught fire….flames shooting from the cord on fire. I decided maybe having a yard sale last weekend wasn’t such a good idea. Luckily, no damage from the fire but watching the cord jump around on my ironing board with flames shooting out the end gave me a start.

The good stuff is I did buy a new stove….real pretty thing….that should arrive this week and ordered a new iron that arrived yesterday…..and today starts a mini-vacation that includes a trip to NYC with a party at THE Plaza and a visit with family. I am so excited. Hope my camera works well so I can share.

Here’s the newest listings on Etsy. Lots of costume patterns for children and adults because make believe doesn’t need a holiday.

I love the way Disney’s princesses have become leaders, brave leaders. Prince Charming still exists but she isn’t waiting for him to arrive anymore….and they are equal partners now. Anyway, this girl is an archer. How cool is that?

So many little girls are still singing Let it Go. Frozen was such a big hit. Here’s dresses for the 18 inch dolls, like American Girl, so their dolls can be Elsa or Ana, too.

Quick and easy to sew capes for children.

These cute princess dresses are an “It’s So Easy” pattern and have a cape….because a princess needs a cape, too.

Simplicity 1302 Toddler Girls' Costumes with tutus in size 1/2 -4 UNCUT

Simplicity 1302 Toddler Girls’ Costumes with tutus in size 1/2 -4 UNCUT

Costumes for toddler girls in size 1/2-4….all with tutus and leggings….because super heroes can wear tutus if they want to.

Out of print but very desirable. Dress up baby and the stroller! Not just for Halloween….a good idea for a fair.

Simplicity 0243 Disney's Cinderella dress for girls size 3-8 and 18" doll. UNCUT

Simplicity 0243 Disney’s Cinderella dress for girls size 3-8 and 18″ doll. UNCUTBeautiful Cinderella dress for a little girl and a matching dress for her 18 inch doll.

Simplicity 1008 Misses' Costumes in size 6-12 UNCUT

Simplicity 1008 Misses’ Costumes in size 6-12 UNCUT

For the Game of Thrones fans in size 6-12.

This pattern, also known as Simplicity 1215, was Elsa’s coronation dress and designed by Andrea Schewe.

Being a Disney princess isn’t just for little girls.

I’ll be listing more in the shop so stop by and see what’s new. More costume patterns, more fabrics, more thread…but now I have shopping to do (food for the hubby while I am out of town) and ironing to do before I go. It’s amazing how that piles up…..sort of like asexual reproduction. None of that…it just builds up magically.

Post by Eileen who is GoofingOff!