Adrienne Vittadini Scarf at Miss Eileen Vintage


I love the feel of silk on my skin….sexy, yes. Give me a silk scarf that I can wrap around me and feel special and I am in heaven. Here is a vintage Adrienne Vittadini scarf….lovely black and white lines in different patterns and a wide red border. Absolutely beautiful.

The scarf is rectangular and measures an incredible 52 inches in length, 10 inches wide. It has hand-rolled hems.

A wonderful addition to a vintage designer scarf collection.

Excellent vintage condition, no holes or stains.

Adrienne Vittadini, American fashion designer, is known for her designs that have a “Euro-American” look and attitude.  Her designs frequently use vibrant colors and prints.  When she was 12, her family fled Gyor, Hungary during the 1956 Hungarian revolution. In 1979, she started what would become a multimillion-dollar fashion business as a hobby.




Raggedy Ann and Andy Nursery Art

Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy Wall Hangings

Made in the USA in the 1970’s

Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy, just their names gives one a warm feeling inside. These pictures show Ann in a bright yellow jumper and her trademark gingham in the garden reaching for a watering can. Andy, wearing bib overalls, a gingham shirt, and blue cap  is hard at work hoeing the garden with his bluebird friends at his side.  The pictures are mounted on particle wood boards. Both boards measure 20 inches long by 16 inches wide. Big enough to be seen. There are original holes in the back of each making them easy to hang in the nursery. 

Raggedy Ann is a character created by Johnny Gruelle in a series of books from the early 1900’s he wrote and illustrated. Raggedy Andy was introduced in 1920. 

The Raggedy Ann and Andy pictures are for sale: $45 USD

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Lymphatic Congestion or One Boob is Bigger Than The Other

Good afternoon, everyone! Hope you all are well. Yes, that is a very unusual title. Took me by surprise, too. I don’t know if I told everyone…or anyone outside of Facebook (good place to keep a secret) but I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year soon after I retired from hospital work. I was so caught up with getting things ready for retirement that I forgot about scheduling my mammogram so as soon as things settled down I went in for the mammo.

My heart sunk when I was told I needed more views of my right breast. After the tech took the pictures I knew an ultrasound and possibly a biopsy was in order (she let me look at the pictures. It didn’t look like a cyst). Well, after all was said and done it turned out that I had a 5 mm tumor…an estrogen feeding tumor that didn’t belong. Surgery was indicated followed by radiation treatments….more about that later. The surgery was a partial mastectomy or lumpectomy. “No problems,” they  told me. “We didn’t do anything to your lymph nodes” they said. “Your chances of lymphedema are very slim” I was told so I went on my merry way.

I completed my radiation treatments early November, went up north to visit family for turkey day, then on to Haiti on a medical mission (which was awesome, BTW). Shortly after returning home I noticed swelling of my right boob along with discomfort and dull pain to the axilla (underarm) and around the nipple. I had doctor appointments coming up so I told the doctors about it. They passed it on….did I tell the other oncologist? (Like why would I? I am here!) I finally had enough and called the radiation nurse who said “It sounds like lymphedema.”  WTH! My slim chances became 100%. I then called the lymphedema team at the VA.

What I do have is lymphatic congestion. It is not in my arm, just my right breast. I was taught how to do Lymphatic Massage Drainage (look it up on You Tube. No, you will not see my breast). I already had high impact sports bras (keep the girls in place with a bit of a squish) which helped. I also sleep in a compression t-shirt (Under Armor, short sleeve). I even bought an abdominal binder to really squish the boob and that helped a lot. Reminded me of the movie “Victor/Victoria” with James Garner and Julie Andrews where Julie Andrews played a woman who pretended to be a man who pretended to be a woman. She wore a binder. Kept the girls in place. Good idea.

Well, the congestion is still present but much better after help from my team at the Malcom Randall VAMC in Gainesville, FL so all is well, or better. And why am I telling everyone about this? you might ask. Because I was on Facebook the other night and noticed a post about similar symptoms. I can’t diagnose but I sure can tell her about my experience and use the blog to tell others, too. After all, one boob bigger than the other and holding about 4 pounds of water weight is not normal by any stretch.

Well, that’s all for now. Got to get back to posting patterns on Etsy. I have a bunch of new, uncuts ready to go….and some incredibly cool Hawaiian prints from, where else, Hawaii that I picked up my recent trip.

Love to everyone….and go get your mammogram done. And here is a quick shout out to Alice, the wonderful nurse at the North Florida Cancer Center. She is fabulous. Love my nurse!

Post by Eileen of GoofingOff Sewing at Etsy.



Quilt Show Goodies To Sell

Certain responsibilities come with becoming a member of a quilting guild. For example, dues, selling quilt raffle tickets, community service projects, and making things to sell at the next quilt show. Trenton, Florida is the home of a pretty big quilt show that takes place every year during March. Many of the guilds in north central Florida show their work at the show and the Springhouse Quilters are no exception. Everyone makes something to sell according to their skill level. Some of these ladies are incredible quilt artists and have come up with great items that have a “handmade, not homemade” look. I am not nearly as good at the sewing machine as they are but I do like to stitch so I came up with something else…..embroidered felt art. Here’s my birds:

The big bird is a needle book, embroidery floss on red felt. The little guy is a thimble holder…and yes, there’ll be  a thimble in it..but there isn’t one in this picture.

Cute little guys.

Hope they fly their way into someone’s heart.


Getting Back to Stitching

For me to say “I’ve been away for a bit” is a huge understatement. Like most folks, I’ve had quite a year, and this has nothing to do with politics. Over the last year I have 1) retired from my away-from-the-house job, 2) took part in a medical mission, 3) found out and was treated for breast cancer, 4) helped care for my uncle before his death, 5) cared for my dog after his stroke then buried the little guy six months later. Needless to say I’ve been preoccupied. Each of those things can be life-changing but when put one on top of the other, all I can say is “Phew! Break time! I’m ready to do some stitching.”

For me, retirement was like changing jobs. I still have three shops on Etsy, GoofingOff Sewing, Miss Eileen Vintage, and Pattern Haus, so I never stopped working, nor did I intend to. Retirement allowed me to focus on one less thing and do that from home.

I did two sewing related things after retirement.  I joined the Springhouse Quilters Guild in Trenton, Florida (yes, Florida, not New Jersey), and the stitching group that meets on Wednesdays at the Suwannee Valley Cross Stitch, also in Trenton.

I haven’t done much quilting yet….I talk more at the meetings than I stitch but I try new things. One step at a time. As for the stitching group, I found I like to embroider. Stitching ornaments got me through radiation fatigue and helped raise money for the medical mission.

Well, that’s all for now but there’s more to come.

For now….




Room at the Table

This week hasn’t been one of my best. A death in the family to start things off. Surgery for my dog (she’s ok, I was the basket case). The High Holy Days that I love to celebrate and take refuge in were invaded by outside forces that left me without the feeling of comfort I usually get from the holiday.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 12.15.05 AM

The magic meatloaf. Everything went in there, carrots, mashed potatoes, celery, onions, ground beef, sausage, oatmeal, and matzoh meal. Oh, and seasonings.

I realized I was heading into depression when the hubby told me about a friend. “Their power was turned off.” Other things, too, that are just too painful to write now (but will get better. Sad but not tragic, Thank God, and temporary). I went to the garage (the unofficial First District hangout) to say “Hi!”and give my friend a hug when my loving hubby said, “Do we have enough for dinner to share? They have no power.” “Of course we do” was my reply. Honestly, I was a little shocked about being put on the spot and a little upset that I hadn’t thought of it first. Anyway, it woke me up out of the daze I had been in.

I looked at the meat set aside for our meatloaf dinner. For 2 people 1 pound of ground beef is enough but I had 3 more adults coming. I started adding things to the meat mixture. My friend always says “Of course it will be good. Good ingredients equal good food.” By the time the meatloaf was ready for the oven the mashed potatoes, a pound of sausage, honeyed carrots, oatmeal, chopped onion, and celery were in there. A little bit of ketchup on top (got to have ketchup…it’s a tradition) and it was on its way to becoming dinner. I grabbed another loaf of bread from the freezer (Grandma always said get more bread when company comes for dinner) and got started on a side dish of green beans and potatoes.

The meatloaf was a big hit. Everyone enjoyed it. It was moist and tasty. The ingredients surprised everyone ……even me. The beans and potatoes had everyone talking about what our grandmothers used to cook. Good memories.

In all, it took the sting of the day away if only for a little while. I realized how lucky and blessed I was to have the chance to share with others.

There’s always room at the table.

May the New Year give you peace. May you be blessed with good health and happiness.

Post by Eileen of GoofingOff Sewing Supplies

Shipping from Home

Saving Money, and Time, at the Post Office

I posted this sometime ago but with holiday season coming I thought it would be a good idea to post again.

When you ship packages, use Paypal for shipping labels. Most people know about Paypal when they purchase items but don’t know that Paypal can be used for shipping.

Here’s the link:

You’ll need a Paypal account to use the link.

Use the link when shipping. That’s the trick.  That’s it. Put in the address, what type of shipping, i.e., Priority, First Class, etc. and the shipping costs go to the Paypal account. When that’s done hit “Print” for your label….you still need labels.
Put the label on the package, make sure the package is ready for traveling long miles, the label is on, and it’s ready to go.
Bypass the lines when you drop it off or schedule a pick-up.

You’re Welcome.