GoofingOff Sewing’s Mid Week Rummage: Devil’s Food Cake

During a recent thrifting expedition, I ventured out of the sewing pattern section into the books. I can get lost in old books. I love books, especially old ones. I love the look and feel of them. Well, I had the good fortune to find a copy of Baker’s Famous Chocolate Recipes. “What makes this special?” one might ask. This copy is from 1936 and in very good condition. The cover graphics remain sharp and the pages are not brittle. While there is light yellowing throughout the book it is in incredibly good condition.

CCF15092015_1CCF15092015_2 What does chocolate cake have to do with sewing? Coffee and cake to keep you going…and chocolate is a necessary part of life.

Now to get back to sewing.

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Vintage Atomic Age Buttonholer and 3 Ways to Look Great

I love to sew AND get inspired by surrounding myself with beautiful things. The buttonholer case does that…and good to have for those vintage sewing machines around the house. As for the patterns…What’s not to love about 40’s style, long evening dresses, or slinky skirts with a slit to there? All I need is a Glen Miller playing “In the Mood.” So kick your shoes off and enjoy!

Vintage Singer Buttonholer with atomic age case in dusty rose. Complete set with buttonhole templates and instructions. Excellent condition. So the case looks great….great enough to use for trinkets if you don’t have the machine anymore. Can’t believe I said that.

Simplicity 2442 Misses' Evening Dress in size 14-16-18-20-22, Bust 36-44 inches. UNCUT

Simplicity 2442 Misses’ Evening Dress with Bolero

Simplicity 2442 Misses’ Evening Dress with Bolero. Dress in three lengths with neckline variations. Size 14-22, bust 36-44 inches. UNCUT Great thing about this pattern is the variations….different lengths and necklines to make something individual…..and a bolero for cooler evenings or air conditioned venues.


Simplicity 1587 in size 14-22

Simplicity 1587 Misses’ Dress in 1940’s style, size 14-22, bust 36-44 inches. UNCUT This dress is so cute! So 40’s!


Vogue 9959 Misses’ Skirts size 6-10

Vogue 9959 Misses’ Skirts in size 6-10, waist 23-25 inches. UNCUT. Elegant and slinky.

That’s the latest sewing round-up at GoofingOff Sewing.

The Big Costume Sewing Pattern Sale is still going on for the month of September and the patterns are going fast. The costume patterns are reduced  40% off.

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Almost September

Almost September

What is it about September? September was always a big deal for me. When I was young it was the first day of school and all that goes with that….the new clothes, school supplies, and meeting new people.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 2.58.44 PM

My sisters and I. I’m the one in the middle…with the necklace. Oh, so fashionable.

September was, and still is, the anticipation of the Jewish New Year….wearing your best and getting together with family…..and hearing the shofar blown at the synagogue.

In NY September is the return of cool air and the smell of apples in the air as the first of the apple crop came in from upstate.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 3.43.55 PM

 NY State produces lots of apples, like Cortlands and MacIntosh, two of my favorites and they are very good for you. Love them.

September’s still special now. The kids are back in school and the buses are on the road with their precious cargo.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 3.44.06 PM

First day of school courtesy of School Bus

It’s hurricane season in this part of the world and the hubby watches the weather faithfully (old fisherman).

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 3.28.16 PM

The remnants of Tropical Storm Erika….we dodged that one. Good thing because we’ve had a lot of rain….almost over the road. Picture courtesy of the

So…Halloween is about 2 months away and the 5th Annual Costume Sewing Pattern Sale starts Tuesday. All costume sewing patterns at GoofingOff Sewing will be 40% off for the month of September. There’s over 100 to choose from with more being listed. The patterns will already be marked down.

See, September is still a special month.

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Make Magic with Every Stitch

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Elegance in Vogue 7365

Close-fitting, flared, bias evening dress with halter neckline. Low back, as in down to there, and a leg slit.

Gorgeous, just gorgeous.

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GoofingOff’s Friday Freebie

Today’s Friday Freebie is a day late but awesome just the same. It is a flower wreath by Jacquelynne Steves. The design is suitable for embroidery, applique, needlepoint, or punch embroidery. It can be done in pastels for springs, orange, brown, and yellow for fall, or silver (or gold) with red berries for the holidays.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 5.48.48 AM

Quilt block by Jacquelynne Steves

Have fun and keep stitching!

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New Listings at GoofingOff Sewing

Get a sneak peek at new listings at GoofingOff Sewing. Well, maybe not new-in-the-box new but new to you. I have 4 Stretch & Sew patterns from the 1960’s and 1970’s that I just love and know you will, too.

Stretch & Sew 1050

Stretch & Sew 1050

This first pattern is Stretch & Sew 1050 from 1967. It was re-issued in 1974. Misses’ Jacket with Set-in Sleeves is single-breasted, long set-in sleeves, and notched collar. Bust 28-40 inches. UNCUT. To purchase click HERE.

Stretch & Sew 1325

Stretch & Sew 1325

This cutie is Stretch & Sew 1325, Misses’ Sun and Swim Suit. First printed in 1967 and re-issued in 1974. Bust measurement 32-42 inches. UNCUT.  “What is it? It’s a swim suit. It’s a tank top over shorts. It’s the new layered look. We call it the Sun and Swim Suit. You’ll like it. Our top has darts and bra cups for smooth fit and the swim trunks have elastic at the waist and legs. Wear your new Sun and Swim Suit with or without belt.”  To purchase click HERE

Jean Hardy Patterns No. 470

Jean Hardy Patterns No. 470

Jean Hardy patterns came out in the 1970’s. This one, Misses’ Body Shirt and Sweater, is designed for use with knit or stretch fabrics. Sizes, small, medium, large, and extra large, are all included. Excellent condition, UNCUT. To purchase, click HERE.

Stretch & Sew 440

Stretch & Sew 440

The Maxi Skirt!!! I loved them when they first arrived on the fashion scene and I still do, especially in an a-line. Stretch & Sew 440 from 1974 in hip size 30-46 inches. “For a dressy look, this long a-line skirt provides comfort and fit with classic styling. One pattern piece for front and back makes it easy to sew with darts to add shaping and an encased elastic waistband which eliminates the need for a zipper.”  Two pattern pieces to make this amazing skirt! Yippee! To purchase click HERE

Sew, what do you think? Great finds? I think so. I really love the maxi skirt; the length gives it a bit of elegance and it’s easy to sew. What a combination!

Well, that’s it for now. More later. Carry on and Keep Stitching!

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What’s in a (Nick) Name

Mopsy Comic 1947

What is a name? A name is something bestowed upon a person by loving parents with hopes, dreams, and aspirations. I wonder sometimes by some of the names I’ve heard. A nickname, however, is all together different. That’s the name that comes from family and friends (sometimes not so good friends) that tells more about a person than their real, on-the-birth-certificate name. The hubby’s family has a Twinkie (he used to eat a lot of Twinkies), a Stink (stinky diapers, not a name I would treasure), and JayBird (from fishing in the summer naked as a jaybird…a little bit of the exhibitionist).

As for me, I went for years without a nickname. Nothing. The closest I got to having one was Leenie. Really? I didn’t like it. Not one bit. After all, my sisters had nicknames but not me. Feeling unloved and slighted (I am so sensitive) I went to my father about it. After all, I thought he could fix anything. 

“Dad, why don’t I have a nickname?”

“You do. It’s Leenie.”

“That’s not a good nickname!”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“I don’t like it. It sounds dumb.”

“I’ll think about it.”

And he did. Soon I was given the nickname Mopsy and I was proud. I finally had a nickname. Proud until the day I asked him where Mopsy came from. 

“A comic strip.”

“A comic strip? Like Brenda Starr, Star Reporter ….gorgeous redhead with stars in her eyes?”

“No, like Mopsy, the secretary in the comic strip.” 

“Because of her curly black hair?”

“No, because she is scatter-brained like you.”

Be careful what you wish for. 

Besides, I am not scatter-brained. I am easily distracted. 

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