Almost September

Almost September

What is it about September? September was always a big deal for me. When I was young it was the first day of school and all that goes with that….the new clothes, school supplies, and meeting new people.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 2.58.44 PM

My sisters and I. I’m the one in the middle…with the necklace. Oh, so fashionable.

September was, and still is, the anticipation of the Jewish New Year….wearing your best and getting together with family…..and hearing the shofar blown at the synagogue.

In NY September is the return of cool air and the smell of apples in the air as the first of the apple crop came in from upstate.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 3.43.55 PM

 NY State produces lots of apples, like Cortlands and MacIntosh, two of my favorites and they are very good for you. Love them.

September’s still special now. The kids are back in school and the buses are on the road with their precious cargo.

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First day of school courtesy of School Bus

It’s hurricane season in this part of the world and the hubby watches the weather faithfully (old fisherman).

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 3.28.16 PM

The remnants of Tropical Storm Erika….we dodged that one. Good thing because we’ve had a lot of rain….almost over the road. Picture courtesy of the

So…Halloween is about 2 months away and the 5th Annual Costume Sewing Pattern Sale starts Tuesday. All costume sewing patterns at GoofingOff Sewing will be 40% off for the month of September. There’s over 100 to choose from with more being listed. The patterns will already be marked down.

See, September is still a special month.

Post by Eileen of GoofingOff Sewing.

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11 Great Patterns: New Listings at GoofingOff Sewing

11 Great Patterns: New Listings at GoofingOff Sewing

After several days of no internet my Wi-Fi is finally up and running. Talk about withdrawals. I kept staring at it waiting for it to work. Pathetic.  Seems a small rodent-type animal ate through my wires. Double Ugh! Nothing like no wi-fi to amp up my anxiety just before the big Costume Sewing Pattern Sale. 

Well, I managed to get a few patterns listed. Cute dresses and Costume patterns ….of course. 

If clowning around is your nature, here’s Simplicity 2525 Misses’ Clown Costume Pattern.

DSC_1117-001Simplicity 2525 Misses’ Clown Costumes in size 6-12, bust 30-34 inches UNCUT

This next pattern might be from 1997 but it doesn’t look dated. It’s by Designer Lauren Sara. Vogue 2006.

DSC_1119-001 DSC_1117-001

Vogue 2006 American Designer Lauren Sara. Dress, tunic, pants, and skirt in size 8-10-12 UNCUT

How about a little 1940’s vintage look? Simplicity 1460 Misses’ button down blouse with peplum.


Simplicity 1460 Misses’ 40’s Style Button Front Blouses with Peplum Bust 30-36 inches UNCUT

Incredible Hulk! Incredible! McCall’s 4163 in boys’ size 3-8.


McCall’s 4163 Boys’ Incredible Hulk Costume Size 3-8 UNCUT

This is so handy. It’s good for a walker or wheelchair but can also be made for an easy chair. Good community service project, too.

DSC_1078Simplicity 2103 Bag for Walker, Wheelchair, or Lounge Chair UNCUT

Salty would wear this…..a cute little dog coat in 3 different sizes. He needs the little guy size. This pattern goes up to medium.

DSC_1076Simplicity 1271 Dog Coat Pattern in 3 sizes UNCUT

Love this dress, New Look 6094. 

DSC_1074New Look 6094 Misses’ Dress in 5 Variations, Size 8-18, bust 30-40 inches UNCUT

McCall’s 4167 in size 6 from 1977. 

DSC_1070McCall’s 4167 Girls’ Dress or Top and Pants from 1977 in size 6 UNCUT

OK, so not a pattern and it’s not in GoofingOff….but it’s a needlepoint kit and it’s in my sister shop, PatternHaus. An Old St.Nick Needlepoint ornament kit to make. And no, it’s not $13. Much less. 

DSC_1072Old St.Nick Ornament Needlepoint Kit Complete and unopened. 

Contains full color design on #14 100% cotton canvas, 100% wool tapestry yarn, needle, instruction sheet, and stitch chart.

More 1940’s fashion. It seems I’m not the only one who likes the look. 

Simplicity 1590 40's Style Misses' Blouses Size 6-14, bust 30-36 UNCUT

Simplicity 1590 40’s Style Misses’ Blouses Size 6-14, bust 30-36 UNCUT

Simplicity 1590 40’s Style Misses’ Blouses Size 6-14, bust 30-36 UNCUT

Easy-to-wear separates from New Look, 6217.

DSC_1082New Look 6217 Misses’ Separates: pullover top, cardigan, pants, and skirt Size 10-22, bust 32-44 inches UNCUT

Post by Eileen of GoofingOff Sewing   

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New Listings at GoofingOff Sewing: Costumes!

Crunch time at GoofingOff Sewing….no, not school or exams…the 5th Annual Costume Sewing Pattern Sale starts soon and I am stocking the shelves with costume patterns…lots of them.

Here’s some of the newest in the shop:

Beautiful gowns inspired by Game of Thrones, available in size 6-12 or 14-22.

Cute and sexy…..


Simplicity 1299 Steampunk Costume in size 6-12 UNCUT $8

A little Steam Punk?

More Game of Thrones…..Tauriel.

Lots of Steam Punk….Like ruffled bustles, jackets….

and corsets…

Something for the little ones….frilly tutus…

Skirts and tops…..

and Elegant Edwardian inspired by Downton Abbey.

Lots to look at

Dress up

Be who you want to be

It’s fantasy!

Post by Eileen of GoofingOff Sewing. The 5th Annual Costume Sewing Pattern Sale starts September 1st. All costume sewing patterns will be 40% off for the entire month of September…..or until they are all gone.

13 Reasons to Get Out the Sewing Machine: New Children’s Patterns at GoofingOff Sewing

Need a reason to get the sewing machine out? How about 13 reasons? 13 great children’s sewing patterns at GoofingOff Sewing. Something for the little ones all the way to the Oh-so-cool teens.

McCall’s 8812 Infants’ Lined Tops and Panties UNCUT

The criss-cross style and button shoulder straps makes this outfit so cute. One pattern with 8 looks.


Simplicity 7984 Boys and Girls Hats….12 styles…Partially cut COMPLETE

What’s summer without a hat? Keep the sun off and look cute, too! Maybe make a few in the same color for the little guy’s (or gal’s) crew…great party idea.


Butterick 4385 Girls Dresses in size 7-14 COMPLETE

Lovely enough for a summer wedding with a little jacket to keep the chill off the shoulders.



Simplicity 8881 Junior Teen Dress, Pants, and Scarf. Size 7/8 bust 29 inch COMPLETE

Oh, so retro for the teen….cute dress with bell bottoms pants!


McCall’s 3850 Boys’ and Girls’ Robes and Pajamas Size 7/8 COMPLETE

New jimmies or robe for gift-giving? Maybe a sleep shirt and shorts in some cute, funny fabric.



McCall’s 4164 Boys’ Shirts Size 3-6 UNCUT 

So Joe Cool, especially in little guy sizes…Makes the look all that much cuter.


McCall’s 4291 Boys’ and Girls’ Pajamas and Nightgowns Size 8  COMPLETE

More jimmies and nightgowns…Great gift idea.


McCall’s 9051 Infants’ Pinless Diaper, Diaper Cover, and Wrap Shirt UNCUT

These would be a wonderful shower gift. Use the appliqué or fussy cut a cute pic from fabric and make something unique and ecologically sound. One less diaper for the landfill…or a cute diaper cover for a trip out of the house.


McCall’s 8870 Toddlers’ Costumes Cow, Flower, Clown, Witch, Dinosaur, Bear, and Bat in size  1-2-3 UNCUT

Now, you know I had to have a costume pattern in here…Of course I do. This one is for toddlers….I love tots in costumes…They are so cute! And they know it.


Stretch & Sew 970 Children’s Jacket Size 8-14 UNCUT

Retro preppy look from the 1960’s.




The Children’s Corner “Libby” Girls’ Jumper/Sundress Size 1-8 UNCUT

Adorable jumper pattern from The Children’s Corner. Use contrasting fabric for the sash for a different look.


McCall’s 4963 Girls’ Tops, Gown, Shorts, Pants, and Blanket Size 3-6 UNCUT

 Oh, something to use all that fleece….Blankets and jammies!

Indigo Junction Bear Essentials Girls’ Jumpers with Bear Appliqué and Bear Backpack Size 2-8 UNCUT

OK, not just a cute jumper with a bear but a bear backpack, too. Sew cute!

OK, 13 reasons. I had 14 but it sold before I could publish this post. Sometimes that happens. Anyway, remember to use the coupon code BLOGGIN to get your 15% discount exclusive to blog readers. 
Sew On!
Post by Eileen……who is Goofing Off!

Little Girl and Her Doll Twin: GoofingOff’s Mid Week Rummage Find

Nothing  seems cuter than a little girl and her baby doll, except a little girl and her baby doll in matching outfits. The concept isn’t new….this ad for a little girl’s and doll’s matching outfits is from Ladies’ Home Journal, December, 1939. Hats, sweater, skirt, and apron match. Adorable! Great idea for holiday sewing. 

Nothing  seems cuter than a little girl and her baby doll, except a little girl and her baby doll in matching outfits. The concept isn’t new….this ad for a little girl’s and doll’s matching outfits is from Ladies’ Home Journal, December, 1939. Hats, sweater, skirt, and apron match. Adorable!

Post by Eileen at GoofingOff. 

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New Fabric Listings in GoofingOff Sewing

I do a little sewing, usually a pillowcase or two for do-good work. Making something for little girls comes pretty easy to me….something pink, a little bit of lace, and a ribbon or bow (or two…or both) and Voila! perfect for girls. Boys, on the other hand….hmmm….that’s a bit of a stretch for me coming from a family of 4 girls and having a daughter…an estrogen-enriched atmosphere if there ever was one.  So I did a little looking around and found some fabric suitable for everybody.

Moon Owls 100% Cotton fabric. By the Half Yard. Owl circles are 2 3/4 inches across. These little owls are so cute!



Halloween Stache Fabric 100% Cotton by the Half Yard When I found this fabric I couldn’t stop laughing. Vibrant colors, nice weight. 


Race Cars fabric by the half yard Vroom, vroom!





Alexander Henry Fabric Route 66 By the Half Yard Get your kicks….. This is really nice fabric. Good for pillowcases, passport holders, journal covers….


Alexander Henry Aloha Girls by the 1/2 yard  Beautiful fabric.

So there’s a few ideas to work with. Make magic happen.

Post by Eileen Patterson….who is GoofingOff!

New Costume Patterns at GoofingOff Sewing

McCall’s 7218 Yaya Han’s Original Peacock Costume

Make believe….for me make believe conjures up images of capes and masks, swords were really sticks, bicycles magically became horses. My crinolined dress made me a ballerina if I twirled fast enough. A costume took make believe to a whole new level…I really was a princess or a fairy when I wore the costume. It was magic.

McCall’s 4887 Girls Fairy Costumes UNCUT These aren’t just cute, they come with wings, too. Totally practical.
McCall’s 7212 Girls’ Princess and Fairy Costumes UNCUT
McCall’s 7211 Dog Costumes…Frozen UNCUT  
Imagining Miss Boxer singing Let It Go…
McCall’s 7213 Girls’ Sleeping Beauty Costume UNCUT
McCall’s 7214 Kid’s Ninja Turtles and Minion Costumes  UNCUT
McCall’s 7216 Southern Gentleman’s costume pattern UNCUT
McCall’s 4139 Capes UNCUT

The Annual GoofingOff Costume Sewing Pattern Sale starts September 1. I’m getting excited already.

Post by Eileen Patterson…..who is GoofingOff.
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